About Sonny....
M.B. Sonny Tyson was born and raised in
Norwood.  Sonny makes his home on Lake
Tillery in a home he built in 1982 on the lot that
was owned by his Grandfather M.P. Harris.  
Sonny and his Grandfather spend many days
on Lake Tillery fishing and boating as Sonny
grew up.
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Sonny and his other Boys....

Sonny has alway been in the construction industry.  His experience includes building homes,
remodeling and installation of commercial display equipment.  Through the years his
business has migrated to the Lake where Sonny,
Steve, Justin and Eric build the premier
piers, boat houses and seawalls on Lake Tillery.   

Please check out the pictures of the Boat Houses that the Boys have built over the years.
Sonny's Home on Lake Tillery
Sonny & Paco on Lake Tillery
Sonny and Jerrie Kay (Brazeale) Tyson of Albany, Georgia were married in 1976.  They have two daughters.
Tera Tyson Ballard is married to Brandon Ballard. They have two children, Sunni Rae Ballard and Blake Ballard.
Tiffany Tyson Jones is married to Eric Jones. They are the parents of Stella Jones.
MB Harris' Cabin on Tillery
Circa 1980